My name is Nick Dobson

I'm a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design and Art History) graduate from Central Michigan University. Along with a thorough understanding of graphic design, layout, and typography; I also posess strong interpersonal communication skills and love to interact with people. My efficiency, organization, and time/project management skills allow me to excel in high-volume, high-stress environments.

A little about myself.

  • I'm very organized and have extraordinary attention to detail.
  • Currently teaching myself music theory and learning to play guitar.
  • I love learning about everything. Everything has a story.
  • I'm a very positive and outgoing person.
  • I love technology, science-fiction, art, Magic the Gathering, video games, and cryptocurrency.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Central Michigan University and have been involved in graphic design and layout for more than 10 years, starting with my role as editor-in-chief of my high-school yearbook. I’ve created and implemented branding for a company, worked as both a page designer and web designer for my college newspaper, and have a long history of customer service.

Between my six years at McDonalds, four years as a computer technician, and my time in the sign industry; I pride myself on my ability to interact with customers and always ensure that they leave satisfied. I enjoy customer interaction and am particularly skilled in generating customer confidence through consistent and reliable service, resolving problems with diplomacy, and building positive rapport.

I enjoy variety in my work, adapt easily to changing priorities, and learn new tasks quickly. You will find me to be very detailed and thorough in my work, and calm in stressful situations. I conduct myself professionally, and maintain confidentiality at all times.

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